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Customer Testimonials

Mike Haremski, Tucker, GA wrote:

I finally finished installing the rain barrels. It took me a while to build the platform and enclose them with lattice. I painted the barrels per your instructions and they turned out great, as you can see. Your design for connecting 2 barrels was excellent. Right after I finished the installation, it rained! Now that’s what I call great customer service especially since we’re in the middle of a historic drought in the Atlanta area. I strongly recommend your rain barrels to everyone. Thanks.

Rain barrels in Georgia on stand trellisRain barrels in GA on stand trellis with closed doors.

Nice rain barrel stand and trellis Mike! -Aaron

If you are also interested in custom rain barrels feel free to contact Aaron anytime.

All our standard rain barrels can be seen by visiting our home page or you can read a few more testimonials here.

Bill Wolff from Bear, DE wrote:

Rain barrel as Christmas present

rain barrel for a flower bed gardenSorry it’s taken so long to get this photo to you (and this is from a few weeks ago; right now the plants are so huge it’s incredible). I love how the rain barrel looks in the garden, though I still have to get the soaker hoses hooked up to it. It totally filled after one crazy rain storm and then the heat has prevented me from getting out there!

Abby Sheldon-Dean from Vermont wrote:

Hi Aaron,
Just wanted to let you know that Jim’s Mom loves her new rain barrel! It was a snap to get set up with the chain and it’s simply beautiful. We enjoyed meeting you and are delighted by the result of our rain barrel search. Thanks so much and wishing you much joy and peace./p>


Matt Schnizer wrote:

Rain Barrel TestimonialsHi Aaron, just wanted to give you an update on the status of my rain barrel. Since there was rain in the forecast, I made an effort to get it in place for the rare event. After leveling the ground, getting the blocks and cutting the gutters etc. the barrel is already full after receiving 0.16″ of rain.

Verity S. from Boulder CO wrote:

From the moment I saw Aaron’s rain barrels, I knew they were perfect for my needs. With our hot, dry and very sunny climate, I needed barrels that were extremely hardy, and also, a system that could hold lots of water. Rain is infrequent here in the summer, and when we do get rain, it is often a thunderstorm that brings very heavy rain for a short time. Aaron recommended the rain mammoth system (2-4 barrel system can be made per request), which has a larger overflow capacity that can be run 21 ft or more away from my house.

Aaron was very patient in answering all my questions and always replied promptly. He was very accommodating, cutting out all the holes in the right locations to meet my needs. I was so excited when they arrived (on-time as promised!) and got it set up immediately. Now I await some rain!

Thanks a lot Aaron!

Teachers Jackie Hurtado & Linda Hansen of Parkside Elementary School in Pittsburg, California

Teachers with rain barrelsLinda Hansen and I teach fifth grade in a job share program and we began a 5th grade garden 3 years ago that has gradually been growing. The students have been involved in all aspects of the garden, including painting, and planting raised beds. A primary focus of our instruction has been on Integrated Pest Management and Water Conservation. Last year we wrote a grant and received $2000 from the Aquatic Outreach Institute (now called the Watershed Project). We are very happy with the seven rain barrels which we bought from you. They look very attractive and are full of water from our last rains.

Thank you,
Jackie Hurtado & Linda Hansen

Dave Wilby from Texas wrote:

After two previously disastrous attempts at finding rain barrels that can cope with the Texas summer, I’m delighted to say that your product has exceeded my expectations, in fit, finish and durability.

The "sealed" design is a bonus that has allowed us to use the entire yard without the constant threat of mosquitoes, and is a major plus for anybody with a young family.

I can heartily recommend your products to anybody in the market for a first class rain barrel.

Keep up the good work!
Dave Wilby

Tyler from Burlington KY:

Metered drip irrigationUses a custom rain barrel for drip irrigation and the 1 1/2 overflow valve to fill his nice goldfish pond. His wife didn’t want the rain barrel near the house until she saw what it can do! Nice work teaching your wife about water conservation and getting that rain barrel right where you wanted it.

Don Huffman from Indiana wrote:

Hi Aaron,

The two rain barrels that I recently purchased from you are now filled to the brim with rain water. We have been blessed the last two days with refreshing showers, and I was quite amazed that the barrels filled so quickly. I remarked to my wife that there probably wouldn’t be enough water to fill them. Boy, was I wrong!! I buried the hoses that are connected to the overflows and have directed them to the gardens that are located at both ends of our home.

In addition, I made use of the info. that you sent pertaining to the silicone caulk, and repaired my old rain barrel that had the broken spigot. This is the only sealant that has kept this rain barrel from leaking. A big Thank You to you for this help. I’ve utilized cinder blocks to assure that the barrels are on firm foundations.


Craig and Emily Collier wrote:

I’ll say one thing for you Aaron, it sounds as if you’ve really put a lot more thought into your designs, as opposed to the guys who are container brokers and are doing the rain barrel thing as a side line to their plastic container business.

Thanks for your replies to our questions. You, not only had the best price but, more than anything else, you actually answered our inquiries & did so promptly. We are really excited about getting this in & getting it up and running. All our friends and neighbors, I am sure, will be curious. We’ll be happy to refer them to you.

Best Regards,
Craig & Emily Collier

Donald Schone wrote:


I’m very satisfied with both of my rain barrels. After last year’s drought we have had record rain falls this year so I haven’t been as dependent on them. But I expect to use them for many years to come due to the quality construction I have no doubts they will last a long time. It’s surprising how quickly they will fill up and I can water my entire garden with one barrel, also a has a very good flow rate.

Take care,

Gina Roberts wrote:

Hello Aaron,

Water barrel at graveyardWe love our rain barrel. With the plentiful rain this summer, it has stayed full. The best thing about the rain barrel is that I can water potted plants with fresh rainwater and do not have to drag the water hose out and across the yard.

I am considering getting a second rain barrel to connect to the existing one!!

Thank you for a wonderful, useful and affordable product.

Keep up the good work.

Gina Roberts

Judy Galloway from Rhode Island MA wrote:

Hidden barrel As you will see in the photo…the spout that runs into it has quite a configuration…the husband tries…but usually I don’t let him use any power tools”!

Anonymous Gardener from Georgia wrote:

Aaron’s Rain Barrel Makers,

I have enjoyed using my new rain barrel; it is well constructed and sturdy; the spigot is easy to use; the rain barrel also adds a delightful touch to my garden as well as being environmentally sensitive (recycled materials and water!).

Chris from Martins Creek , PA wrote:

Custom whiskey barrelI live in an old stone house built in the 1700s and was looking for a rainbarrel that would fit the antique character of the house. Aaron’s whiskey barrel was perfect solution. Aaron answered all of my questions (I had a lot!) promptly and worked with me to custom design the rain barrel so I could easily connect it to my uncommon gutters. It looks as if it’s been there for years! I have lots of garden beds and plants to water, but I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with all the water it can hold.

Thank you Aaron for your friendly service and top-notch quality product.

Laura from Ohio wrote:

Dear Aaron,

First of all, the service was very prompt. You replied quickly with an order acknowledgement and then they arrived promptly via Fed-ex. I am a hobby gardener who also has a greenhouse so rain barrels were a perfect choice for “free” water. My husband installed them on the downspout that runs off the roof of our barn and set them up on cinder blocks to ensure stability and so I could get my watering cans under the brass spigot. I was shocked to see that they filled up so quickly! It was great!

Furthermore, my plants and gardens love the rainwater and thrive on it! I even give my dogs their baths with it! Unlike past years, I have not had to pay for any water for my gardens or other outdoor tasks this year. That makes me very happy! Thanks again for making it so easy!


Linda Lucier from Van Wert, OH wrote:


Concealed barrelI have attached a picture of one of the rainbarrels I received from you. The yew bush conceals it from view when looking at the front of our house. I have 3 large flower boxes along our front windows and the roof overhang stops the rain from getting to them, so the rainbarrel was invaluable this year for that purpose alone.

I also go ‘container crazy’ with annuals and was able to keep them watered this summer exclusively with stored rain water. Thank you for providing a cost effective, quality product.

Linda Lucier

Kate Foster wrote:


I am Evans mom and the rain barrel is actually mine. You may certainly quote me, your rain barrel is much more sturdy and well-built than that of my neighbor, who paid almost twice as much. The brass fittings are great and it was very easy to install next to our house.

I was amazed at how quickly you shipped it. it has been fun to water my garden with rainwater this summer and have found that new spray paint for plastic so maybe at some point I will spray it to match my beige house. Let me know when your other items become available.

Kate Foster

Martin Wallace from Denver, CO wrote:


I got rain barrels from three different outfits at the same time, so got a quick education about them. The rain barrels from Aaron’s Rain Barrels are by far the best ones. The two others both had filling and/or leaking problems from the start. I ordered the Rain Mammoth rain barrel system from Aaron and the set-up was quick, easy, and looked better than either of the other two-one being a plastic one with only a fill spout and the other a metal one with no fill spout as it came and with a drain spigot that leaked from the first time I attached a hose.

The Rain Mammoth Barrel System has worked perfectly This is the only product which I would recommend of the 3 places I ordered from. Besides that, Aaron was always quick to respond to my inquiries, had fair prices, quick delivery and is a good guy on top of that.

Marty Wallace

Gina Wrote:


I love my rain barrel and it solved a problem I was having with all the rain we have been having in Florida this summer. All the rain was pooling in one corner of the back lawn and then flowing over into the back porch. The rain barrel I purchased from you enabled me to funnel the water away from the house through the use of a hose attached to the bottom of the rain barrel. Now my back porch stays dry and that makes me happy.

I was very pleased with the delivery and how fast it got here. I would recommend this product to anyone. Thank you for being out there making this product.

Many thanks,

Wayne Stollings from Durham, NC wrote:

Made to order rain barrelMr. Stollings purchased one of my rain barrels. He was interested in using a special adapter that he had found online and wanted to paint his rain barrel green.

If you also want something special or do not see a feature you want on my rain barrels just talk to me. I do all I can to make folks happy.

Great paint job Wayne and nice yard!

Mark Fisher from Plantation, FL wrote:

Thanks so much for the wonderful rain barrel…it’s fantastic!

Jerry Levitz from Sea Girt , NJ wrote:

Aaron, everything is working perfectly … first day in use we collected 55 gallons. Not only was the rainwater great for the garden plants, but it solved a roof/leader drainage problem behind our garage beautifully. No puddles there this time!


Aaron, FYI, your rain barrel solved another problem for us: Not only has it solved the flooding issue behind our garage, but I have connected a hose to the valve so that when we expect VERY HEAVY rain, I unroll the hose to the street.. reducing the overflow at the barrel and moving the water 30ft away to the storm drain. Cannot begin to think of any easier way to resolve our puddling/ flooding situation.