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Rain Barrel Paint

Painted Rain BarrelWhen I went looking for information on krylon fusion paint for my rain barrels, I couldn’t find it anywhere online and there was little instruction on how to apply it to plastic.

The following instruction is for those who want to paint a rain barrel. Krylon fusion paint is great for a base coat, or for those who are only interested in a solid color, you then can decorate your painted rain barrel with ordinary acrylic paint.

If you don’t feel like painting we have a very quick natural solution for you on our FAQ page.

Our white rain barrel stock blends in well to any surroundings but I wanted to give people access to paint and free instruction. Now people can have a hand crafted, solid, long lasting rain barrel or two that fits their surroundings perfectly! –Aaron Pratt

Can I paint my rain barrel?

Yes, Krylon has come out with a new brand of spray paint they call “Fusion” that adheres well to a rain barrels surface. They offer several new colors to choose from to match the color of you home. The price of a can of Fusion spray paint is only $5.99 in most retail stores.

Do you have any painting tips?


Up to 25 feet on a non-porous surface.

Comment: You will be able to cover a rain barrel with one can of Fusion, but to do a complete job I suggest buying two cans. The barrel will look better with a final spray after the first can is empty. Darker colors require more paint. It is also good to have left over paint for touch up in the future if your barrel gets scraped.

Ideal Conditions:

Well Ventilated Area

50 – 85 degrees in low humidity

For Best Adhesion:

Wipe surface down with an ammonia base cleaner.

Comment: All our Rain Barrels are shipped with a few layers of UV protection. I use generic window surface cleaner to remove this before sanding. Krylon claims that you do not have to do any preparation to the plastic but I would sand the entire barrel with a 220 grit or finer sand paper before you clean it with an ammonia based solvent. Be sure to use a sand paper that does not leave scratches. This extra step is well worth your time.

How to Paint:

  • Cover spigot and overflow valve with masking tape
  • Shake can vigorously for 2 minutes
  • Hold can 8 to 10 inches from surface
  • Spray in sweeping motion keeping even distance from surface
  • Begin off the surface and continue each pass off the other side
  • Begin by applying a thin coat and wait 30 seconds
  • Apply multiple thin coats to avoid runs and drips

Dry Time:

Dries in 15 minutes or less

Handle after 1 hour


Before 24 hours or after 7 days

Chip Resistance:

Fully chip resistant within 7 days