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Rain Barrel Installation

Easy to Install

How do I install a rain barrel with gutters?

The free universal downspout adapter (included with all our rain barrels) can be connected directly to a gutters downspout tube. It will take you only a few minutes to complete the installation.


The standard downspout adapter pictured above has the dimensions of 3.25 x 2.5, this is included with your purchase by default because it is the most common. (3 x 4 and other sizes available per request)

Notice: If you have a smaller or larger downspout, measure and contact us after you order, we will send the correct adapter at no extra charge.

Rain Barrel Installation

Place two (leveled) cinder blocks where your rain barrel will sit. This is not required, but it gives better access to the spigot and water flow is improved with gravity. If you do place the barrel directly on the ground make sure it is on top of a hard surface so it doesn’t tip. A full rain barrel weighs over 300 pounds!

Cut Downspout

Mark tubing, cut with a hacksaw, then just slip the barrel up into the downspout tube as picture below.

Rain Barrel Installation Complete

Learn how to make a more attractive rain barrel stand.