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Rain Barrel in Winter

Winterized Downspout Extension

Here is a smart detachable downspout configuration done by Rosalie from Ohio that allows her to disconnect from the rain barrel in winter and reconnect using a downspout extension during spring, great job!

Downspout Extension for Winter

“I have put two barrels up so far. I painted them with Krylon Khaki Satin Spray Paint and gave them a dressed up place to sit because of the “awareness” in my neighborhood…I didn’t want any complaints. Currently because I have all new plantings, your barrels have been enormously helpful in cutting my water bill. I do plan on attaching a gutter to my little shed and set up two more barrels back there for the back garden.” -Rosalie

Rain Barrel in Winter

How do you stop your rain barrels from backing up with ice?

Simply leave the spigot open during the warmer daytime hours, this will flush out your barrel. Winter ice melt is nitrogen rich and excellent for indoor plants, so grab a few gallons in a watering can. Do not forget to allow the cold water to reach room temperature before feeding your hungry indoor foliage. We also run a hose from the spigot away from our houses foundation because that area tends to become a swamp. Our rain barrels can handle the heat of summer and the frigid cold of winter, this is now a proven fact!

Rain Barrel Ice Melt Video Anyone?

Ice Melting Rain Barrel (510kb)