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Rain Barrel Care

One thing people do not think of when they purchase a rain barrel is how they will care for it. Like a car, a rain barrel can be kept in perfect condition if you clean and apply a preservative a couple times a season. A rain barrels plastic can be degraded by the sun’s UV rays and extreme temperatures. We use the following two products to care for all our rain barrels.

Safe products that help keep your rain barrels clean and protected!

Simple Green (Automotive Cleaner) – Non toxic – Biodegradable – Ammonia Free – Use this product to remove bug, sap and other outdoor rain barrel stains.

Care: Mist the rain barrel with a garden hose and spray this product on it. Leave it for a few minutes and you will see the tars and stains roll off. Take a soft brush and scrub all over the surface of the rain barrel to break up any residue. Then simply spray the rain barrel off with water.

Note: You can also use this product on the inside of your rain barrel.

rain barrel - clean with simple green

Armorall (Automotive Preservative) – Sun UV ray protector and preservative that is perfect for rain barrel plastic.

Care: Spray this product on a wet rain barrel and simply rub it in with a cloth. It adds a protective layer that preserves your rain barrels surface from the sun’s damaging UV rays and extreme hot and cold temperatures.

rain barrel - protect from the suns damaging uv rays with armor-all

If you use the above mentioned products a few times a season, your rain barrels should last you a lifetime!