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Wooden Rain Barrel

Wooden Rain Barrels

Our recycled plastic rain barrels are a top seller but we often have folks ask if we can make them a high quality wooden rain barrel. The only reason we haven’t offered wood rain barrels is that an empty whiskey barrel weighs 125 pounds and the logistics and cost to get them shipped is large. Well it turns out that people do not mind spending more on oak barrels as long as they are getting something unique. Our wood barrels are simply the best and use a clever new diverter to collect rain. We combine tradition with function and make the most beautiful and useful oak rainwater harvesting system around, enjoy!

whiskey barrel Wooden Rain Barrel

Oak Barrels – Made out of the finest wood

Our wooden barrels come from Kentucky distilleries and were once filled with bourbon. We receive freshly prepped white oak (Quercus Alba) barrels and make them into quality rain barrels. Before the oak barrels arrive here they are repaired, and inspected by a Kentucky cooperage that has been in business since 1963. It’s this added attention to detail that makes our wood barrels #1.

Wood Barrel – 110 Pounds of Oak, Brass & Steel

We do not cut corners on the parts because we know that a good wooden rain barrel lasts a lifetime and is often passed down from one generation to the next. All fittings on the barrel are solid brass and threaded to attach standard varieties of garden hose. Barrel Size: (34H x 24W x 22Top) Capacity: 53 Gallons

Oak Barrel Spigot

Heavy Steel Hoops and Thick Oak Barrel Staves

The rugged steel hoops that hold the oak barrel staves together tight look great when they start to tarnish with rust (though they can be painted). We have a barrel here that was in the salt air on an ocean dock for years and the steel is still solid. Weathered barrels are beautiful and you will enjoy watching yours age. It is important to us to start you off with young oak barrels for the reasons described above.

Steal Barrel Hoops

Whiskey Barrel with Irrigation Spigot

A whiskey barrel with an irrigation spigot, nice! Zinc Irrigation Spigot

Our top selling plastic barrels come with an irrigation spigot that is great for attaching a "soaker" or regular garden hose to. You can then run it to a garden or flower bed to keep an area watered. This zinc (removable) irrigation spigot has a shutoff valve so you can leave it open for drip irrigation or closed after you water the roses. We now are including this great feature on our whiskey barrels.

Installation is easy, simply cut the supplied downspout tubing to the right length with scissors, attach it to the downspout diverter, then screw it onto the brass fitting on top of the barrel!

Downspout Diverter on Oak Barrel

Crafting the perfect wooden rainwater harvesting system

Our master craftsman Aaron decided early that keeping the structure of the oak barrel solid would require less drilling and cutting of the rain barrel core. Our plastic rain barrels are lightweight and easy to pull away from the house to spray out a couple times a season if needed. An empty (water saturated) oak rain barrel can weigh 125 pounds so it is not logical to move it for maintenance. Aaron knew it would require an external rainwater diverter that does not let anything larger than silt particles to enter the barrel.

Whiskey Barrel Diverter

An easy to install rainwater diverter that really works

Our oak rain barrels come with an easy to install rainwater diverter making them not just rain barrels but complete rainwater harvesting systems. What the diverter does is separate just enough water to fill a barrel then the rest of the rainwater exits your existing drainage system. The diverter separates leaves and larger debris out so the rain barrel will never get clogged. The diverter’s hose connector and the rain barrels brass connector fittings are ALL standard garden hose variety so if you would like to run a hose around a corner to reach a barrel on a porch it is easily attached. Just remove the supplied existing (white) hose and cut and attach a piece of garden hose to it and you can locate your beautiful whiskey barrel anywhere you choose!

Each diverter comes with easy to follow instructions and we are always here to assist with setup.

We will have a good but limited supply of whiskey barrels. We can also custom cut the barrels, add overflows and downspout adapters if you choose. It’s all about supplying you with something you will enjoy for years and we do not mind doing a little extra for you.

Kind regards,
Aaron Pratt – Craftsman & Owner


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Wood Rain Barrel

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We also make nice wooden rain chain barrels to use with or without rain chains.

to wooden rain chain barrel

Interested in a plastic barrel that uses the same diverter as our wooden barrel?

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