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Looking for a free Rain Barrel Picture for a magazine, news, e-Book, website, blog or other media? I have been collecting pictures of rain barrels from my enthusiastic customers for years. Below are a few images that I really love and you are welcome to use, as long as you 1.) email to let me know where it will be used 2.) give proper credit so people can come take a look at Aaron’s Rain Barrels online.

High resolution rain barrel picture: crop for websites, blogs and other online media. Download full size zipped version here.

Rain barrel picture

Old aged wood barrel (a custom order) with crisp sunlight shining off copper gutter and downspout, granite base, slate, grass and stone.

Another view of the barrel above: Download full size zipped version here.

Another view of the image above.

For any publication: Download full size zipped version here.

Rain barrel attached to home makes great desktop background.

Here is beautiful home with a traditional wood barrel (another old custom order). I use it on my computer as a desktop background but it will also look good in magazines and other publications.

Looking for something more specific or would you like to ask me a few questions about my rain barrels? Feel free to call or email. Thank you, -Aaron

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