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Make a rain barrel stand

Placing a rain barrel up on ordinary cinder blocks (to get better access to the spigot) is a smart idea so why not compliment your current rain barrel stand with an attractive concrete retaining wall support?

rain barrel stand

Here are some easy steps to make a simple rain barrel stand, but first let me list the supplies you will need.

  • Retaining Wall Blocks
  • Mortal Mix – Don’t want to mix concrete mortar? Buy a tube of concrete cement and save time!
  • Gravel – To use as a filler.
  • Shovel – To mix mortar.
  • Spade – To apply the mortar to the concrete blocks.
  • Wheel Barrow – To mix the mortar in.

red retaining wall block

Visit your local home center or stone store to choose enough retaining wall stone (in a color you prefer) to make a half (or whole) circle 2-3 layers high. To determine the amount just lay it out, this will give you a rough estimate of how many you will need before you purchase. Got two or more barrels? Make yourself an oval or square shaped stand. What’s good about retaining wall block is that it interlocks and allows you to “round” corners easily.

placing retaining wall blocks

In my case I had some extra old patio stone which I leveled in the ground to build my rain barrel stand on but as long as the ground is firm, you should be able to build yours without issue directly on the soil. If you want to put down some gravel and tamp it down this can also “sure up” soft ground. The idea is to not have to go back and repair your stand once it is finished.

See the raised area on the back end of each retaining wall block pictured above? I placed them up to show you the “interlock” area. Place these raised rims down to allow the next layer of block to interlock. Confused yet? It will all make perfect sense when you get your supplies.

Mix mortar Spread Mortar

Follow the directions on the concrete mortar bag (usually as simple as adding a gallon of water and mixing) and apply it to your retaining wall pieces (with your spade or even a small hand shovel) to glue them together in a shape that you prefer. Make sure you do not use too much on the outside edge because mortar is gray, so if you chose a red block it might not look that professional.

concrete blocks

I shaped my wall tight to inner concrete blocks for added support.

Fill with gravel

Now just fill your better looking rain barrel stand with gravel and level it off, done! Think about planting flowers or a hardy ivy at it’s base to make it more natural and pleasing to the eye. My plan is to remove the lawn, contour the ground, add pea gravel, bonsai and a small water garden but that is a project for another day.

Concrete Block Stand

Nancy and David Dienst from Faribault Minnesota designed this beautiful whimsical stand and wrote:

Rain Barrel Stand in MN - Minnesota

It’s everything we wanted!!! We received our wooden whiskey rain barrel from you a week ago and now have it installed. We are more than satisfied with all aspects of it. We have collected rain already and used it for my flowers. It is everything we wanted in a wooden rain barrel. We want to thank you for your wonderful product and have already recommended it to our friends. Thanks again.