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Overflow valves, spigots and irrigation spigots can be installed on the left, right or center of your rain barrels. By default, the overflow valves and spigots are installed front center and the irrigation spigot on the irrigation system is installed on the right. The default positions are the most logical but we like to offer this option for those who would like something more specific.

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Step #3 – Overflow Valve Upgrade (Free)

Note: oak whiskey barrel does not require overflow, all others make your choice here.

Default 3/4 Inch Overflow Valve – Thread for regular garden hose

Free 1 1/2 Upgrade – PVC Overflow works with standard 1 1/2 sump pump hose

Why would someone need a larger overflow valve?

By default when our standard rain barrel fills rainwater will go out the overflow valve and down an ordinary garden hose but what happens when there is a HUGE downpour?

Simple, some goes out the overflow valve and the rest of the rainwater goes out another downspout tube on your home because it is a larger exit point.

What if you do not have another downspout tube or your rooftop is very large and produces too much rain water during a storm?

Have us install a larger 1 1/2" overflow valve so it is able to direct larger amounts of water away from your home thru ordinary sump pump hose that can be purchased at any Home Depot for $10. People use this option for filling goldfish ponds, directing storm water runoff, drying up wet basements and unwanted backyard swamps.

Do you want us to install the larger 1 1/2" overflow valve on your rain barrel(s)?

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If you are purchasing an "Irrigation System" please contact us after the checkout if you want the irrigation spigot to be installed on the left instead of the default position. Have any other needs? Talk to us we are all about options!

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