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Irrigation System

Irrigation Rain Barrel with Two SpigotsOur 58 Gallon Irrigation Rain Barrel is perfect for low cost irrigation. It comes with all our standard rain barrel features and a second spigot.

Rain Barrels are not pressurized like the faucets in your home and require completely different irrigation devices to get the water to your plants. Irrigation from a rain barrel needs to be slow and metered so when you are away from your house for a few days your barrel(s) will not be empty before you return. Simply attach an ordinary soaker hose (drip irrigation hose) to this unit’s zinc irrigation spigot, run it to a garden or flowerbed and you will no longer have to water your plants manually. Your tomato plants will love it! If you live in a dry climate be sure to cover the soaker hose with a little mulch to keep it from drying out.

Your irrigation system also comes with a solid brass spigot to allow you to get pails of water while the other irrigation spigot is busy irrigating your plants. Both the irrigation spigot and regular spigot are threaded to use ordinary garden hose.

Rain Barrel Specifications

The difference between the irrigation system and our standard rain barrel is that this unit has two spigots (one being the irrigation spigot – both are threaded for garden/soaker hose).

Irrigation Spigot

Made from 20 pounds of thick 100% recycled food grade plastic.

Dimensions: 36″ X 23″ (inches)

Color: Cool White – (Paintable)

Our 58 gallon rain barrels are fully enclosed for children’s safety.

Free Universal Down Spout Adapter for direct connection to any gutter included as part of this offer.

Universal Down Spout Adapter

Quality Mosquito Stopper aids in heat related expansion giving your barrel a long life. This screw cap seen on the top (front) of the barrel can be removed for rinsing the barrel out.

Solid Brass Spigot also threaded for garden hose.

Brass Spigot

Free painting instructions

Your choice of threaded Brass Overflow Valve that connects to any standard garden hose to divert excess water away from your home during a rain shower or a larger 1 1/2 PVC Storm Flush Valve – Read: Options.

Price: $200 (Free Shipping)

Rain Barrel designed specifically for gardeners!

Aaron’s Irrigation System for Gardeners

New: Free Overflow Valve Upgrades

garden irrigation rain barrel

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Price: $175.00

Irrigating Tomato Plants

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