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Gutterless Barrel

Don’t have Gutters?

Rain barrel for those without guttersA good basic rain barrel for those without gutters and downspout tubes. Just place this rain barrel in the path of pooled rooftop runoff and it will soak it up threw it’s venting system. Or if you have a downspout tube cut it with a hacksaw and slide the barrel under it.

I don’t have a gutter can your rain barrels soak up the water without having a direct connection to a gutter’s downspout tube?

Yes it sure can, simply place under an area of good rooftop rainwater run-off, like in the valleys to collect pooled water flow. The top of the rain barrel is flat with a rim that acts as a pan to funnel rainwater into the vents. It works flawlessly!

Screened aluminum louver collects rain

Screened Aluminum Louver

Made from 22 pounds of thick 100% recycled food grade plastic.

Dimensions: 36″ X 24″ (inches)

Color: Cool White – (Paintable)

Our 55 gallon rain barrels are fully enclosed for children’s safety.

For those without gutters

Aaron’s – Gutterless Rain Barrel

New: Free Overflow Valve Upgrades

Price: $150.00

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Free Shipping to anywhere in the United States (Alaska and Hawaii please e-mail us for a quote).

Shipping Information:

Will Ship to anywhere in the United States.

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