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Downspout Diverter

The main purpose of our downspout diverter is not to store rainwater like our popular rain barrels but to divert rain from a rooftop. For those who have leaky basements our downspout diverter solves this problem quick. Most of the water that soaks back into a leaky basement comes from downspout tubes that dump water only a few feet away to soak back in at the foundation. You simply connect ordinary 1 1/2 sump pump hose to our downspout diverter and run it away from your home. (The beauty of sump pump hose is that it can even be buried) This unit also chambers then diverts rainwater so it doesn’t back up in the gutters.

Downspout Diverter


Volume: 15 Gallons
Height: 26.3″
Normal Weight: 7.5 lbs
Material: HDPE (Food Grade)
Color: Blue (Paintable)
Mosquito Stopper: 2″ Buttress Cap (Removable for rinsing out)
Downspout Adapter: 4″ x 3.25 x 2.5″ (Adaptive)
Diverter: 1 1/2″ PVC

Only $115.00 (Free Shipping)

Downspout Diverter for rainwater diversion

Aaron’s – Downspout Diverter – Save a lake, dry a basement!

Downspout Diverter
15 Gallon

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Price: $115.00

Have a goldfish pond you want to fill and refresh?

Many folks have small goldfish ponds on their properties and are tired of having to pay to fill them up each season. Just attach this unit to a downspout tube, run the hose to the pond and refresh the water every time it rains. If you notice there is a space below where the overflow valve on the barrel is. This space catches shingle flakes and other debris so only clean rainwater flows to the pond.

Have a lake you want to save from run-off pollutants?

Most do not realize that one of the main causes of lake and pond pollution comes from storm water run-off. If you have a pond or lake you want to save you can start by using these low cost water diverters to send water to the backyard and away from the once pristine lake or pond environment. This rainwater diverter really works!

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