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Custom Rain Barrels

Do you need a rain barrel that fits in a certain location?
Do you have a new feature that you want added to our existing products?

We make our rain barrels to meet your specific needs. In most cases there is no extra charge for this service. We find that some people have specific rain barrel designs in mind — this is OK. We are happy to accommodate your needs.

Feel free to e-mail us . Nothing is too big for our ingenious craftsman, he enjoys a challenge!

Rain Barrels in California

So you live in California and you need some rain barrels? Why do you need more than one rain barrel? It is obvious, you go for long periods of drought, so when it rains you need to collect as much rain water with your rain barrels as possible!

6 Rain Barrels in California

James Beyster from Del Mar, CA wrote:

A typical rain storm here will drop approximately 1/8 inch in one hour. I have filled one 58 gallon rail barrel in 45 minutes to one hour during a storm. The last big storm we had dropped rain for about 2 days and I easily filled six 58 gallon rain barrels. Thanks again, Jim.

Rain Barrel at Hinkle Farm

Rain Barrel at Hinkle Farm

Jeffery Broadhurst from Broadhurst Architects installed our custom rain barrel then painted it black to adsorb sunlight and warm the water for a sink and shower at The Shack at Hinkle Farm (adobe pdf file).

Gayle Johnson from Virginia Beach, VA wrote:

Hi Aaron,
I’m the one wanting the five barrels configured like the Olympic Games logo. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Custom Rain Barrels in Virginia

Testimonial: I have a large, low sloping roof which funneled 1200 gallons per inch/per hour of rainfall into a concrete floored courtyard below. After recent renovations changed the slope below, flooding had been a real threat. Aaron created a set of five interlocking barrels, shaped like the Olympic Games logo, to catch the first 300 gallons and control where the rest goes. I have more free water for irrigation than I can presently use and no longer have to watch anxiously as the trapped rainwater approaches the door-sill. Everyone who comes by wants to get one, too! Thanks, Aaron! Gayle

Marion Moon from Long Island NY wrote:

I just love the idea of using rain water for my shrubs, flowers, and raised vegetable beds. Your rain barrels are great because there is no way for the mosquitoes to breed in the water. In the spring, I plan on planting Russian Comfrey to hide the cinder blocks. Russian comfrey will be cut and tossed into the nearby compost tumbler.

Thank you so very much for making the barrels exactly how I needed them to be for my area. Your customer service and product is just wonderful!

Best Wishes, Marion

Tony Stallin’s from Florida wrote:

I wanted to try a couple barrels with 90 degree overflows (pictured below). He also has 3×4 downspout tubes which are slightly larger than standard ones on typical American homes. He got 3×4 downspout adapters (which we do have in stock along with other sizes) and the special left angled overflows installed at no extra cost!

Florida Rain Barrel3x4 Downspout Adapter90 Overflow

What is the point here?

  1. It is good to measure your downspout tube(s) on your gutters before you order, so if you have a non standard size, we can send you the correct adapters.
  2. If you require special upgrades and talk to Aaron before (or right after you order) he will make sure you get exactly what you need.

Wendy from Pennsylvania asked:

To make 2 x (3) rain barrel systems with big 3″ PVC connectors for her barn. She emailed me some great images, here is what she said:

Pennsylvania Rain Barrels

We purchased rain barrels from you a yr ago and promised you some shots, but since we don’t have a digital camera nor do our friends we had to wait till someone came along that we could ask and finally some pics. They have worked out very well other then sinking a bit and we had to empty them, put more fill under them and let them refill which of course is very easy, they may need a little more fill under them again at some pt, a few have the spigots close to the wood but we can still get the hose attached.

Another image of the rain barrels in PA

It is important to make a firm concrete, sand or gravel base to support your rain barrels, a single barrel when full weighs over 300 pounds, thanks for the images Wendy!

Ted from Arizona wrote:

I received the three rain barrels and installed them in less than an hour yesterday afternoon. Last night we received 3/4 inch of rain which filled all three barrels. Water conservation in Payson AZ is very important and we look forward to doing our part by using this water to reduce our usage of city water. Thanks for the high quality product.

Rain Barrels in Arizona

The hose on the barrel on the left is the first to overflow when barrels are full and the one on the right barrel handles the excess with a heavy rain.