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How did we start off making the #1 selling rain barrel?

We spent a whole summer preparing a lawn, garden and flower beds for our newly purchased bungalow. It needed plenty of water to continue growing that year because of local drought conditions. The city imposed a water ban and we didn’t want to pay for all the water needed. This challenged me to design a rain barrel. I made myself four 58 gallon rain barrels from tough, 100% recycled vinegar containers imported from Italy. There is also a great need to recycle them here. When I saw my new creations quickly fill during a rain shower I was convinced that they were worth the time and effort. Since then I have improved upon the design to the point that it is now perfect. I have added further designs and offer custom configurations for customers specific needs.

About Us

I once sold my rain barrels on eBay and still today have 100% Positive Feedback as a seller, that is, 100% of 266 customers who purchased a barrel liked what they had purchased, this I am proud of!

Thank You for your support,

Aaron Pratt – Craftsman and Owner